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WA’s New Self-Service Wagering Terminals Are a “Snap” to Use

When Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) needed to develop and deploy a network of new Self Service Wagering terminals to their TAB retail channels they turned to Neo.

To put Western Australia in perspective, it is roughly the size of the USA west of the Rockies, or the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Italy combined! And with a population of only 2.6 million, most of it is empty. There are communities that are more than a day’s drive apart.
Implementing and servicing a network of wagering terminals over this vast area presents challenges.

Through a tendering process, Neo won the trust of RWWA and were engaged to firstly work in partnership to develop a unique terminal, then to manufacture the terminal in volume.

snap kiosks

Because of the geographic spread and scarce population, it was an imperative that the SSWTs were designed to be simple to install, operate and service, as it is very time consuming and expensive to get qualified technical personnel to sites.

“Through extensive collaboration between NEO and RWWA, a new self-service wagering terminal has been designed which has met RWWA’s requirements of being modular, robust, easy to service and most importantly simple for customers to use in obtaining information and placing a bet”.

“The relationship with NEO has been very refreshing. NEO’s professionalism, openness and willingness to consider and include all requirements has provided a quality terminal for our use”. Bob Moffitt – Manager Retail Operations (RWWA)

The SSWT literally “snaps” together. It is designed as a series of modules that are joined together through self-locating docking connectors that take seconds to connect and disconnect without the need for tools. This means that staff in remote venues can easily swap in and out individual components that require servicing without the need to call out a service technician and return a faulty unit back into service rapidly and easily.

The SSWTs are not only easy to manage, they are very futuristic in their styling and use the latest in multi-touch capacitive technology through edge-to-edge glass, coupled with high performance printing and bank note accepting, and health and breach sensing, alarms and remote monitoring.


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