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Personalised user experiences for self-service wagering kiosks

Unveiling a new era of personalised customer service within the wagering industry globally, an omni-channel approach to in-venue betting is becoming the norm as customer expectations around interactivity and service develop. 


With over 30 years of self-service manufacturing, Neo has supplied over 100,000 terminals all over the world. The key to ongoing service optimisation in the wagering industry is focusing on the evolving needs of the end customer and planning for technological enhancements and future upgrades as an utmost priority.

Key Wagering self-service kiosk features that improve customer experience


Over the last five years, our Research & Development team have been working alongside leading wagering brands to explore what technology can help venues respond to regulatory challenges and provide an omni-channel experience to customers. 

1. Facial Recognition 

In collaboration with a leading IT solutions provider, Neo is exploring integration of facial recognition for both verification and customisation purposes; creating secure, optimised user-experiences for customers. This partnership has enabled the successful delivery of a proof of concept using this technology and Neo’s hardware. The verification software responds to responsible gambling regulations, understanding the need to add additional security measures to self-service kiosks to futureproof our devices. Outside of age verification, facial recognition offers the wagering and gaming providers an exciting opportunity to customise user experience through aggregated demographic information. The kiosk of the future can target special offers and third-party marketing post-recognition. 

2. Customer Loyalty 

Providing both incentives and entertainment outside of the venue experience has long been a hurdle for betting venues. Loyalty programs prove an effective marketing channel for brands to keep connected to their customers.  A recent technology update with a leading casino and resorts Group where their loyalty programs are now integrated into the self-service kiosk experience has shown the value in completing the customer journey. Entertainment groups stand to gain from boosted revenue due to the ease of availability of these self-service kiosks. 

“The fast pace of our current lifestyles finds us looking for more ways to engage with customers to provide a quality experience every time. Self Service kiosks offer opportunities to connect with customers, provide information, decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.” 

3. Digital Wallet 

Modern technology has transformed to give users the ability to pay via methods most convenient to them. Smartphones now double as a wallet, carrying digital versions of cards through apps or pay platforms. Neo’s kiosks are equipped to accommodate remote access and payment gateways including EFTPOS, Alipay and Apple Pay. Based on a client’s customisation requirements, each kiosk can be fitted to accept cash, vouchers, or in the future, even a digital wallet.  

“Mobile payment options offers customer benefits that will increase customer satisfaction – faster payments,  shorter lines, limitless information and opportunities to interact” 

Self-service wagering kiosks in the future will see a lot of new features with one thing in common — consumer convenience. Understanding that the average consumer’s reliance on smartphones will only continue to grow, translates into future strategies directly accommodating for or created entirely around the same. Payments, facial recognition, and a curated user-focused experience will mean greater integration from hardware and software components both. Perhaps the future will even incorporate instalment payment services, anchored on enhancing the end consumer experience! Through it all, Neo will be at the forefront of innovation, streamlining modular solutions.


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