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Silky Otter Cinemas,
New Zealand

World Leading Cinema Interactive Display

Silky Otter Cinemas logo

The six interactive displays have become a center piece for welcoming Cinema goers into Otter’s Wigram cinema.

Silky Otter Cinema is a boutique cinema chain that is currently expanding across New Zealand. Their new Wigram (Christchurch) Cinema has been built to provide the most luxurious cinema experience possible. Wigram’s eight cinema complex is catered by a full service kitchen with a special hand-crafted menu and choice of premium beers and wines.

As you enter the cinema you are greeted by six interactive displays, that were designed to match the luxurious aesthetic of the entire cinema.


The 43” touchscreen kiosks which have an integrated barcode scanner and EFTPOS terminal provide paperless cinema tickets and provide access to Otter’s hand-crafted menu. 

The interactive displays are trimmed with the same stained wood of the wall they are submerged in, giving the illusion of the kiosks being a part of the wall. The displays have a shelf and bag hook that allows you to put your bag or purse down while you peruse through Otter’s specially curated menu

43” Portrait Touchscreen– Trimmed with a stained wood finish

Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner– Allowing Barcode/QR scanning of tickets and phones

EFTPOS terminal

Shelf and Bag Hook – Allowing movie goers to browse the extensive menu

The kiosks provide ticketing to Otter’s 8 screening rooms.

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