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West HQ is Sydney’s leading landmark destination for entertainment, fitness, lifestyle & accommodation in the Western Sydney region.

West HQ’s vision was to provide its members and guests with the best possible, most seamless, customer experience, from the moment they entered the venue through to them heading home. The new centrepiece of West HQ’s operation would be the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, a 2000 seat state-of-the-art performance venue. Another goal was to “future proof” the West HQ precinct for years to come.


A fleet of self-service kiosks were installed across West HQ’s entrances to welcome and register patrons. NEC’s facial recognition algorithm matches the image from an individuals’ license or passport to their face, providing superior identification. This provides West HQ with an automated, rapid and compliant system to register patrons. 

The recent upgrade has installed motion sensing UV-C (ultraviolet light) disinfecting, that disinfects the touchscreen and Passport/ID scanner between uses.

Visitor check-in kiosks on entry to West HQ.

West HQ’s 2000 seat ‘Sydney Coliseum’ in which our NeoGuard Kiosks register visitors


Key Features

Motion Sensor UVC (Ultraviolet light) Disinfection – Two per kiosk; One positioned to disinfect the touchscreen, one to disinfect the passport scanner

World leading NEC Facial Recognition Technology – Using biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. Comparing the information with a database of known faces to find a match.

Passport Scanner – Enables the use of NSW Digital Drivers License, Australian Driver’s License and Passports or West HQ membership card

Printer – Print personalised membership receipt

“We are building a destination for the future, not for yesterday, but for the future” –

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