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Security and Access

Our innovative security and access self-service kiosk solutions have streamlined complex processes and created efficiencies in many environments such as airports, prisons, hospitals, hospitality venues, government infrastructure and private institutions. Many of which are being used in the security sector for the purposes of visitor and access management, and border customs control.

Visitor Management and Access Kiosk

The system we installed met the above requirements, allowing visitors to arrive and register their information directly with the kiosk instead of onsite staff.

West HQ
Access Control and Visitor Management

Kiosks were installed across West HQ’s entrances to register patrons. Facial recognition algorithms match the image from an individual’s ID to their face.

Home Affairs
Border Security eBorder Smart Gate Kiosk

SmartGates automatically process international travellers. Using facial recognition technology, these kiosks provide accurate verification of a traveller’s identity.

On Demand Ticketing Kiosk

Transdev approached us to design and build the Ferry on Demand kiosk. A self-service kiosk enabling travellers to book ferries and find route times, right at their fingertips.

New Zealand Police
Police Connect Self Service Kiosk

Neo have partnered with New Zealand Police to create more accessible policing services. Police Connect kiosks provide the public with non-emergency services 24 hours a day.

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