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Our collaborative approach to design has been very successful with a diverse range of clients. From initial concepts and prototyping, through to manufacturing and ongoing service and support. Our design, creative and manufacturing capability makes us truly a one stop shop.

Step 1


User research and technical brief

We first start the development process with a detailed workshop. A comprehensive breakdown to fully understand your priorities to create a detailed technical brief. 


Step 2

Concept Ideation and Iterative Design  

The next step is to explore potential solutions through concept sketches, CAD simulations, wireframing and mock-ups. Preferred concepts are then worked into detailed engineering drawings for final design selection.

Step 3

User Experience

UX and software design 

Design and optimise the user experience from end-to-end. If your Neo custom solution includes software, it needs to be reliable, engaging and user friendly. The key elements of our software design include a graphical user interface, to create an engaging user experience, remote transactional monitoring and content management updating.

Step 4


Rapid prototyping, bread boarding and block modelling.

Fully functioning prototype units are created to validate the operation and design of the chosen solution. Performance and fitness for purpose testing (bread boarding) of assemblies and components is carried out at this stage to gauge the basic appropriateness of chosen design elements and components.

Step 5


Usability analysis and engineering refinement.

All products are soak tested to minimise ‘out-of-box’ failures. We extensively test our kiosks to ensure that they will function effectively and reliably in a range of environments and climatic conditions. Final software and user experience tests are also completed before initiating ergonomic analysis and safety and compliance certifications. 

Step 6


Manufacture, deliver and install.

We design and engineer products to ensure maintenance and servicing is as simple as possible. Products are all manufactured in Melbourne, Australia with the capacity to produce over 400 units a week. We manufacture in-house to maintain flexibility and ensure that quality and delivery commitments are sustained. We manage distribution and coordinate site deliveries worldwide, tracking shipments at all stages of the delivery process.

Step 7


Support, servicing and updates.

Your Neo solution includes a comprehensive range of services designed to support you throughout the life of your project. These include project, customer and managed services such as installation, commissioning and project management to ensure a smooth integration of the solution within your organisation.

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