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Our kiosks have been deployed in a wide range of locations including community hubs, universities, museums, schools, and healthcare environments. Our solutions are designed to be robust to withstand high usage volumes and varying installation conditions including indoors and outdoors.

Maritime Museum
Interactive Wayfinding Display

The West Australian Maritime Museum approached us to improve patron engagement and interactivity. We designed software for static displays throughout the museum.

Kiosks for Remote Communities

Hitnet recognised the power of technology to address some of these issues, and approached us to produce a tailor made interactive kiosk based on the Neon model.

Community Engagement Kiosk

NeoProducts worked with the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority (VBRRA), to donate kiosks for a community feedback solution.

UK Department for Work
Job Search Kiosk

Neo delivered a kiosk which allowed users to access jobs, freeing staff from having to post jobs and allowing for real-time updates so only vacant positions remained in the system.

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