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Retail Self-Service Kiosks

Brick and mortar retail outlets are needing to provide a more interactive and omnichannel experience to compete with e-commerce. We have a wide array of retail kiosks that allow your customers to have a greater retail experience than they would online, while allowing you to directly engage with them.

Self Service Digital Image Printing Kiosk

Neo has designed 11 generations of self-service photo editing and printing kiosks. We continually question how technology could offer the public a better user-experience.

Silky Otter Cinemas
Interactive Cinema Display

World Leading Cinema Interactive Display. The six interactive displays have become a center piece for welcoming Cinema goers into Otter’s Wigram cinema.

Self Service Contact Lense Dispensing Kiosk

Neo custom designed this interactive platform with a 21.5” touch panel, thermal printer and 4G network connectivity for the remote management of kiosk content.

Visitor Management and Access Kiosk

The system Neo installed met the above requirements, allowing visitors to arrive and register their information directly with the kiosk instead of onsite staff.

Tabcorp (UBET)
Custom Inplay Wagering Terminals

Wagering terminals designed to be suitable for all environments, specified with lightweight and robust housing, along with options for a bet slip printer and cash handling module.

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