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Access Control and Visitor Management System Kiosks

Access control and visitor management kiosks provide an automated self-service channel for visitors, customers, contractors and staff to seamlessly sign into a premise. An automated solution provides an impressive first impression to visitors while also ensuring compliance and the utmost levels of security.

The user experience can be fully customised with the integration of facial recognition to check staff and visitors in quickly. Compliance checklists, tests, and inductions can also be integrated to automate business processes.

At Neo we focus on innovation and customisation, we can design a bespoke solution tailored to your organisation’s requirements.


Access Control Management vs Visitor Management Systems (VMS)

Although they are similar, Access Control and Visitor Management are different solutions. 

In a very basic sense, Access Control Management refers to self-service kiosks and automation that restricts and enables access to certain parts of a business premise. Access control management kiosks provide organisations with control over who and where people can enter within premises. For example, an employee might be able to access all areas of a business but a visitor might only be able to enter the front foyer. 

On the other hand, Visitor Management Systems (VMS) acts much like an automated receptionist or check-in desk. A VMS can greet new visitors and ask them to check in and can also remember visitors who have entered before with facial recognition. We will dive deeper into the features and functions of VMS later in the article. 


What are the benefits of Access control management and Visitor management systems? 


Ensure that only the right people have access to your premise and be 100% accountable for everyone inside your premise. Access control provides you with the ability to ensure only the people you allow can enter specific areas.



COVID-19 has shown the importance of check-ins and ensuring that businesses know who has entered their premises and at what time. For many businesses, check-ins are now compulsory and will likely be part of our normal life in the future. Visitor management systems are an easy way to check-in visitors and patrons. 

Virtual receptionist 

Many businesses are now turning to VMS instead of a typical receptionist or front of house person, meaning fewer labour hours and overheads for the business. A visitor management system can greet, check-in and notify other people from the business when a guest arrives in the building. It also provides an impressive first impression, helping to position yourself as technologically advanced in the market. 


Safety is one of the main reasons why Access Control Management and Visitor Management Systems are so important. Having the ability to secure your premises and be accountable for everyone who enters your building is an essential part of a modern-day business. These self-service kiosks provide businesses with the accuracy to know who, when, where, and why someone enters the building and what level of access they are allowed. 

Covid-19 check-in

As a result of COVID, more people are understanding the importance of who is within the building and the necessity of accountability for contract tracing. These systems provide automated reportable data that can help a business understand its employees and visitors.

Our touchless technologies and UVC disinfecting light puts our kiosks far beyond others on the market – making it the most effective and safest option for businesses. 

Other kiosk solutions

There are a number of solutions that these types of kiosks can solve. Using state of the art software, modules and design we are able to solve any issue a business might encounter and meet their needs with an appropriate kiosk module. 

This could include: facial recognition, label printing, pre-register on phone, questionnaires (contractors, OHS, Covid), notification of arrival, ID scanning, business card scanning, biometric scanning, barcode and QR code scanning, card-swiping (NFC, RFID), and UVC disinfecting.

Our Experience with VMS and Access control management

We have installed many VMS and Access Control Management Systems for small businesses and large enterprises. Businesses such as aged care facilities, sports bars/clubs, offices, and government buildings are some of the biggest users of these self-service systems. 

We have had an influx of projects as of COVID-19 due to more and more businesses requiring check-in systems. Two major projects that we have recently completed have been for Toyota Australia and West HQ

Introducing the NeoGuard

Introducing NeoGuard, Neo’s modular 22” touchscreen kiosk fully integrated with multiple peripherals, allowing it to perform a wide range of functions. Some of the features include:

  • UV-C Disinfection – Self-cleaning feature eliminates up to 99% of harmful germs and bacteria from kiosk screens using UV-C light.
  • Facial Recognition – Confirm identification and greet the subject in front of the kiosk.
  • Branded – Screen and labels branded to suit your venue.
  • Interactive Screen – Provide access requirements information, wayfinding and verification questions with customisable customer interface.
  • Flexibility – Hardware and software designed to be integrated with third party systems.

If you would like to learn more about the Neo Guard please contact us


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