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Lightweight self-service bag check

Qantas Airways Limited is the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations.

We were commissioned by IBM to provide a low cost bag tag kiosk for low traffic airports and regional terminals, particularly to service the mining sector fly in – fly out traffic. It had to be tough and secure, and be able to be operated and serviced by local terminal staff.

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Self-service terminals that combine barcode scanning and bag tag printing.

We developed and manufactured a number of tablet-based self-service terminals which combined barcode scanning and bag tag printing in a very small footprint that was secure but easily serviceable by remote airport terminal staff, without tools. The terminals were modified to fit into the Qantas SOE.

IBM is contracted by Qantas to provided their self-service terminals. Neo has a 25 year relationship with IBM, and in that time Neo has supplied over twelve thousand self service terminals to a number of IBM managed projects. IBM has frequently engaged Neo where they need a technology solution that is not available off the shelf. Neo has also been contracted by IBM to provided repair services, product staging, and logistics support to major projects.

It combines barcode reading and thermal printing, which operate securely within a self service terminal, using an industry standard touchscreen tablet. This combination was one of the first in the industry at the time.

The kiosks were “hot staged” in Neo’s production facility, so that IBM service contractors could easily and rapidly install them at site on a “plug and go” basis. Even the WiFi connectivity to the Qantas back-end was simulated in the Neo factory prior to the terminals being packaged and shipped to site.

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