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 Waste segregation and tracking.

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Neo designed a kiosk to record waste types, volumes and monitor contamination generated from within a commercial building.

In a multi-story office complex, the method of monitoring waste volumes by point of origin is complicated and chances of waste contamination are high, more so when there are no procedures in place to identify where contamination has occurred. . When contaminated waste is found, the building is charged as a single unit, instead of the sole perpetrator being held responsible. 

To combat this, Neo, together with our client Dimeo Cleaning Services, designed an integrated system fitted into Envision kiosks that utilises Bluetooth-tracked bins and automated barcode scanners to identify where in the building the aforementioned bin comes from.

In collaboration with the Dimeo cleaning staff on-site, when contaminated waste is identified, the kiosk is equipped with an illuminated camera to take a picture of the waste as evidence. The idea behind this process is to encourage proper waste disposal and to improve recycling within the building through site based training and education to change behaviours. This means the whole building is no longer held responsible for the  disposal costs, costs can be redirected to the offending tenant. Implementation of technology that engages users to be more conscious of the environment is vital for Australia’s future. 

At Neo, we can design solutions that can be customised to each industry as well as public spaces that could largely benefit from modernised segregation.

Silver Neo Envision Kiosk for Dimeo cleaning Services
Technical drawings of the Neo Envision kiosk showing clearances, range of movement
Silver Neo Envision Kiosk for Dimeo cleaning Services

Streamlining waste segregation and tracking within commercial offices.

Cleaning staff use their cards to scan the RFID reader on the kiosk, to note if the contents are contaminated or not. This process helps improve overall recycling efficiency and actively holds people accountable for their actions.

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