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Virtual police stations aiming to revolutionise policing

Neo are proud to have partnered with Spark and New Zealand Police as part of their wider efforts to use innovative digital technology to create faster, anytime, anywhere policing services. Police Connect self-service kiosks provide the public with basic non-emergency services 24 hours a day. The touch-screen prototypes have many key functions: ability to report a non-emergency incident, ability to speak with someone from the Police, ability to pay for or enquire about a road incident and even supply information about becoming a Police officer

Neo have designed and developed the hardware components of both indoor and outdoor unit prototypes to help improve police access and servicing to the general public.  

From a service design perspective, the project streamlines police processes and systems whilst offering the public with quick access to vital services. The kiosks are currently being run across numerous indoor and outdoor locations across New Zealand. The trial phase will allow Neo and partners to gather insights and service feedback with the aim of rolling out the automated service across other police stations and possibly public locations such as major events of shopping malls. 

Our design brief was clear; use digital innovation to ensure everyone in New Zealand can access policing services – anywhere, anytime.

The project has been driven by consumer insights with 75% of city dwellers and 59% of rural inhabitants responding that they’d be likely or very likely to use a virtual access point in a busy police station.

Of the general public surveyed, the overwhelming predicted outcome of having virtual police stations would be quicker service and reduced queues.

In the long term, Police Connect kiosks will extend NZ Police’s service delivery capability by augmenting traditional service channels such as face-to-face contact and phone contact with this new service channel. Providing the public with digital access to services at both police locations and also non police locations such as transport hubs and malls.

Connect kiosks streamline police administrative duties, allowing police to spend less time in the office and more time in the field protecting the community.

A people-centric focus is at the forefront of our design process, allowing us to create practical and engaging self service kiosks. From our work with Border Security, Victoria Police and more recently with NZ Police, we have continued to grow and innovate in the public service space. Finding new ways to use self-service technology to create a better future for our community. 


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