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Photo Printing in the Digital Age

The changing world of photography

With the introduction of digital cameras the photographic industry has changed forever. Photography is far more accessible, especially with the proliferation of smartphones, giving everyone a camera in their pocket at all times. Unlike the old world of film, we have instant visibility of our images, stored on digital media. The virtual disappearance of film has also seen the decline of the photo developing store – but many of us still want to print our images, for albums, frames or photo books. We want to display our precious memories, and share them in a way that digital just can’t do.

Printing for posterity

Fujifilm, one of the world’s leading suppliers of photographic products and services, recognised that even in the digital age, people wanted high quality prints of selected photos to keep and display long term, but certainly didn’t have the facilities to do so at home. Fujifilm therefore wanted to provide consumers with an easy convenient way to view, edit and print their digital photos at a convenient location.

Kiosks are the answer

They engaged NeoProducts to produce a range of world class self-service photographic kiosks, so they could give customers the ability to manipulate and print high quality images, simply and easily, without having to be a photographic or computer expert. The kiosks would be conveniently placed in existing retail stores, meaning the consumer could simply access them from places they were already visiting.

photo printing

Fuji and Neo recognised the two different groups of consumers who would be using the kiosks, those who wanted to get in and out quickly, and those who had the time to look at their photos, edit them and choose which ones they want printed. To address these segments, two types of kiosks were developed, a standing and a sitting version, to cater for the different uses/needs.

Retail partnerships

Fujifilm relies on NeoProducts to manufacture and support its digital image ordering kiosks in nine countries across the globe. They have installed over 15,000 kiosks from NeoProducts in these countries and have developed partnerships with the likes of Harvey Norman, Big W, ASDA and Boots to provide these kiosks in their retail outlets.

The kiosks have provided Fujifilm the capacity to partner with major retailers to provide their customers with a convenient method of viewing, enhancing and transforming their digital images. And they’re not limited to prints onto paper – customers can put their favourite images on a range of products including mugs, t-shirts and keyrings.

A winning solution all round

Retailers love partnering with Fujifilm to provide this service, as it gives them an additional reason to entice customers to their store and increase footfall. Customers love the convenience and quality of the photo products produced by the kiosk. And Fujifilm is generating revenue, enhancing its brand awareness and continuing to drive enthusiasm for digital photography. It’s a win for everyone.


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