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Self Service Wagering Terminal

In early 2011, IBM were struggling with their engagement with their Self Service Wagering Terminals (SSWT). IBM approached Neo to see if we could help them achieve a breakthrough. Neo quickly developed a concept kiosk which became a game changer. The Neon Self Service Wagering Terminal was born.

The Neon SSWT has a core module that incorporated a “1 litre” format processor with a 21” projected-capacitive touchscreen in a lightweight, yet robust housing. Additional module add-ons include a barcode reader, bet slip printer, mark sense card reader and cash handling module.  It is also designed to either wall, counter or pedestal mount.

0 Litre
format processor
1 "
1 yr

Neo has a 25 year relationship with IBM.

Supplying over twelve thousand self service terminals to a number of IBM managed projects.

The Neon is a very cool design. Tatts love its look, its reliability and the ease with which it can be serviced. With its edge-to-edge touchscreen with black borders and its ultra slim design, the look of the Neon has sometimes been described as looking like a large format smart phone.

IBM has frequently engaged Neo where they need a technology solution that is not available off the shelf. Neo has also been contracted by IBM to provided repair services, product staging, and logistics support to major projects. IBM sold their terminals division to Toshiba, and at Tatts request, and with Toshibas agreement, in 2015 Neo’s transitioned to supplying Tatts direct. Neo has now transitioned further to suppling to Tabcorp after the merger between Tabcorp and the Tatts Group.

Neo is in the second generation of supply to the Tatts Group. With the second generation the cash unit is fully incorporated. This second generation is referred to as the Cash SSWT.

The kiosks are “hot staged” in Neo’s production facility, and the in-house Tatts service group carry out the site preparation and installation.

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