NEO Solutions


Toyota Australia HQ,
Port Melbourne

Seamless registration & access process for visitors.

Toyota Australia approached us through our partner, Gallagher, to streamline their visitor registration and access process at their headquarters in Port Melbourne.

Toyota needed an efficient system that would adapt to the current conditions at their headquarters — it needed to inform visitors of the safety induction in place and handle quick registration that minimized staff contact.

The system we installed met the above requirements, allowing visitors to arrive and register their information directly with the kiosk instead of onsite staff. 

The reception area would then be notified of a visitor’s arrival along with their contact information. A brief site safety induction was also displayed as part of the registration process on the kiosk, post which a temporary ID on adhesive labels was printed out for each visitor. When leaving the building, visitors were required to sign out via the kiosks. 

Neo’s hardware solutions help industries combat the many obstacles faced through the pandemic — we focus on customising each solution to a client’s needs.


The kiosks streamlined the meeting and reception process, made safety inductions quick and simple, and ensured each visitor had an ID.