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Self Service Wagering Terminals

RWWA provides a positive sustainable future for the Western Australian racing industry and is a provider for thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing.

Each terminal had on-board remote monitoring and could be installed and uninstalled without tools.  This was particularly important in RWWAs operation environment where many installations were remote. This meant that our design enables local staff to service the terminals without the need to send technical service personnel long distances. On racedays, the terminals could be set up trackside within seconds.

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Neo has a very strong relationship with RWWA, and they are extremely happy with the terminal design.

Neo remains the preferred supplier of SSWTs after 6 years.

On racedays, the terminals could be set up trackside within seconds.

The design was based around dockable modules, making the terminals “plug and play” with the ability for the terminal to be configured on the fly with printer modules and cash handling modules being optional.   

It’s modular dockability and very small footprint are unique. As is it’s serviceability by remote, untrained operational staff. 

A footplate with cable points is first installed by the shopfillters. The terminal is then simply clamped to this foot print by the installers. This installation process takes only a few seconds. The kiosks are pre-configured and tested at Neo prior to packaging.

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