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The Australian Border Force is a law enforcement agency, part of the Department of Home Affairs, responsible for offshore and onshore border control enforcement, investigations, compliance and detention operations in Australia.

Smartgate Passport Systems and Gate Readers

NEO was engaged to develop a  260 Smartgate kiosks plus 150 clearance gate reader/encoders​.

Around 10 million Australians travel overseas per year. Around 7 million tourists with Smartgate readable passports visit Australia each year. The Smartgate system involves touchscreen kiosks at which the passport is read, entry questions are asked and answered on the screen and entry is validated through the production of a transit ticket. The customer proceeds to the gate, inserts the ticket and the gate open allowing access. 

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Border Force

We developed 260 Smartgate kiosks plus 150 clearance gate reader/encoders to streamline passport control.

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