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CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products with services operating in over 100 countries.

NEO  was engaged by CooperVision to design and build an interactive, educational & informational solution for the promotion of contact lenses. An initial prototype built by another vendor was unreliable and poorly executed. The digital content was provided by Coopervision but to run on a more stable platform that provided the ability to update content remotely. A national rollout of the solution began to independent retail optometrists Starting in July 2019.

Variant sizes
1 "
Touch Panel
National Rollout

Data analytics of kiosk usage and hardware functionality

  • Modular design allowing four variants while using a single common head unit
    • Mobile – Pedestal on wheels
    • Fixed pedestal
    • Wall mounted
    • Desktop
  • Custom designed electronics incorporating a 21.5” touch panel, Raspberry Pi, thermal printer & 4G modem 
  • Inhouse designed and built software solution using a Linux OS
  • Inhouse designed, built and maintained cloud-based service module, providing software updates and collection of data analytics of kiosk usage and hardware functionality 
  • Design of a self-service dispenser of sample contact lenses
  • A national rollout installation program was coordinated using strategic and qualified business partners

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