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Personalised Mobile Devices at Smiggle

Personalisation – a growing trend

Mobile phone and hand held device covers and skins are increasing in popularity every day, as a way of personalising mainstream devices. Consumers have been able to choose from a variety of designs and have “skins” created for their device for many years in an online platform.

I want it now

Graphix Labels recognised the trend and also the limitations of online purchasing for these products and saw an opportunity to provide a retail self-service solution for customers to design their skin for instant purchase. They approached Neoproducts with the concept of creating a kiosk which would provide an easy to use platform for customers to choose a design for a range of devices and be supplied with an eWrap (the brand name for their vinyl product) “skin” right away.

NeoProducts designed the kiosk hardware and software so that it is possible to e-wrap almost any electronic device from phones through to gaming consoles and digital cameras in a wide range of designs. The kiosk was able to provide licensed product and generic designs which could be constantly updated.


In-store design and purchase 

Graphix Labels partnered with leading stationery retailer Smiggle to deliver these kiosks to the public. With stores around Australia and in New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Smiggle reaches lovers of fun stationery around the world. Around 60 Smiggle locations carried the eWrap kiosk in store, where customers experimented with different patterns and explored what they will look like on their device.

How it worked:

  • Select the device brand and model, then the preferred design using the touchscreen
  • Collect the receipt printed off by the machine
  • Take the receipt to the service desk
  • Watch as the Skin is laser-cut
  • Peel the Skin from the backing and apply to the device

Smiggle delighted its customers

The Neo kiosk enabled Graphix labels and its partners to provide a self-service solution allowed customers to engage and select hand held skins through interactive touch screen technology. Neo’s expertise in ease of use, brandable kiosks and low maintenance made the solution ideal for busy retail stores and helped Smiggle build and maintain its loyal customer base.


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