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Bunurong Memorial Park, Melbourne

Cemetery Way-finding

Heat-resistant technology solutions to combat Melbourne’s heatwaves.

Melbourne’s infamous heatwaves have proved no match for NeoProducts’ wayfinding technology installed at the new wing of Bunurong Memorial Park.

Managed by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT), Bunurong Memorial Park was looking to modernize their facilities. SMCT was also looking to directly address the issues their existing information services were facing, when Melbourne’s heatwaves hit. NeoProducts was enlisted to incorporate reliable technology into their new cemetery development plans. 

We partnered with the client, the architects and their builders to integrate the technology into the aesthetics and functionality of the new buildings.

Neo’s direct solution to counter the heat-based issues was to ensure the 55-inch high brightness touchscreen kiosks and chapel signage were fitted into insulated housings that would keep the technology at a safe operating temperature. As a cautionary measure, Neo also installed remote access software to monitor the machines. Due to the consistent communication with SMCT’s team, the final result was an elegant and practical way to assist visitors in finding their way around the park.

The kiosks and signage are easy to navigate for the reception staff and low touch for the IT support team.

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