Kiosk software should be reliable, engaging and user friendly.

NeoProducts understands that there is much more to kiosk software than simply configuring a PC to run in “kiosk mode”.

Graphical User Interface

We understand that creating an engaging user experience is pivotal to a kiosk's success.

We focus on fast to load screens that contain interesting and relevant content, specially designed for your target audience. Our framework makes use of graphical hardware acceleration, facilitating the efficient use of animations and vector based graphics.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring software provides you with instant awareness of your kiosk infrastructure, giving you the ability to identify and resolve problems before they affect critical business processes.


NeoProducts' software framework includes payment modules that allow us to rapidly develop secure transactional kiosk systems.

Content Management and Distribution

Planning how content will be updated is essential to a long term successful project. Our content management system allows our customers to distribute application and content updates remotely. NeoProducts' Content Distribution System supports scheduled downloads, scheduled installs, secure client / server architecture and much more.

Total Solutions

NeoProducts is a hardware and software provider. Our comprehensive understanding of kiosk hardware and our extensive partnership network allows us to deliver efficient and robust software solutions optimised to run on kiosk hardware.