Sleek and Modern High Information Input Self Service Kiosk

The Pathfinder supports a wide range of applications including information, transactional, promotional, HR, Job Search and careers/recruitment. 

This highly configurable kiosk is easy to service and upgrade.  Options can be added and removed as necessary, and most of the serviceable items can be replaced within minutes.  We have provided many customers with Pathfinder kiosks in their own colour scheme and with eye-catching logos.

The original version of the Pathfinder was a high demand product, its design is simple and effective, and has therefore has lasted the test of time in all deployments.  We have recently revamped the kiosk to include a HD 21.5” projective capacitive touch screen, an RFID reader, and sound.


  • Seated, Standing  or wheelchair access
  • Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Modular design
  • 21.5" Landscape screen


  • Keyboard
  • A4 Printer
  • NFC


  • HR
  • Transactional
  • Job Search
  • Careers/Recruitment
  • Information
  • Promotional

To find out more about this kiosk or how we can create a custom solution for you please contact us today.

Please note there is a MOQ of 5 for this unit.