Photo & Media / April 2011

Fujifilm Photobooths


With the introduction of digital cameras the photographical industry has changed forever.  Gone are the days of being restricted to photo developing stores and handing over your film at the counter to have a stranger develop your memories, without control of the outcome.  Now with digital cameras and these in store kiosks it has become much more convenient for consumers to walk into a multitude of retail outlets and edit their own photos and memories with relative privacy. 


To find a way to provide consumers with an easy convenient way to view, edit and print their digital photos. 


NeoProducts worked with Fuji Film to produce a range of world class self-service photographic kiosks that have revolutionised the retail photographic industry around the world.  The kiosks have given the customer the ability to manipulate their images, without having to be a computer expert. 

Fuji and Neo recognised the two different groups of consumers who would be using the kiosks, those who wanted to get in and out quickly, and those who had the time to look at their photos, edit them and choose which ones they want printed.  To address these segments, two types of kiosks were developed, a standing and a sitting version, to cater for the different uses/needs. 

In nine countries Fujifilm relies on NeoProducts to manufacture and support its digital image ordering kiosks. They have now installed over 15,000 kiosks from NeoProducts in these countries and have developed partnerships with the likes of Harvey Norman, Big W, ASDA and Boots to provide these kiosks to the consumer. 


The kiosks have provided Fujifilm the capacity to partner with major retailers to provide their customers with a convenient method of viewing, enhancing and transforming their digital images onto a range of mediums such as high quality photo prints, mugs, t-shirts etc. 

By partnering with Fuji and providing this service to their customers the retail outlets can increase footfall and use it as an ant trail tool to entice customers in, in the hopes of customer then making a separate purchase from the store.

  • Fujifilm photobooths at Harvey Norman

  • Fujifilm kiosks at Australia post

  • DPC NXT at Retail Show

  • Fujifilm sitdown units at Big W

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