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Correctional Facility Kiosks

Neo's Rugged Kiosks for Rugged Inmates 

Neo supplies hundreds of Prisoner Access Kiosks in Correctional Facilities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Neo has developed a hardened version of our popular Zenon kiosk model, specifically to provide prisoners with a range of on-line services.  

Prisons are areas that have a highly specific set of problems where access to on-line services is concerned.  They must be highly regulated, tightly monitored and extremely ruggedised.  

A common attribute of Correctional Facilities is that they are tough environments, housing resourceful people with time on their hands.  

Any product placed in such an environment has to be virtually unbreakable, must be resistant to contaminants, and provide no cracks or crevices that could hide contraband.  

A number of correctional services around the world are implementing self-service kiosks to provide a range of information and transactional services for prisoners.  

These include:  

  • Facilitating "buy ups" where the prisoners can use earned credits to purchase approved items such as sweets, fruit, toothpaste etc
  • Booking medical, legal, banking and traning appointments
  • Scheduling religious services
  • Checking account balances
  • Providing phone contact lists and phone account balances
  • Scheduling visitor appointments
  • Providing on-line health and legal information services
  • Helping to "break the cycle" by searching employment opportunities on the outside
  • Purchasing and downloading music and/or videos

These Kiosks are placed in non air conditioned locations and they are designed with no crevices or apertures that could conceal contraband.  From an installation perspective, they have been cabled and mounted securely to toughened surfaces.  

Not just Correctional Facilities!

Neo has been at the forefront of security kiosks for a number of years.  Most of you will have used the Smartgate Customs Border Security kiosks that Neo has developed and supplied through Morpho.  Installed at all International airports in Australia and New Zealand, these kiosks have seen over 20 million usages in the last decade.

Tools used in kiosk breach testing


Testing the ruggedness of the kiosk.

Health Information Terminals

Neo kiosks, in partnership with HITnet, are installed in a number of Correctional facilities in Australia's top end.  HITnet is a health initiative originated by Queensland University, working with Queensland Health.  HITnet has implemented a network of over 70 kiosks into Correctional facilities and Indigenous Communities throughout Australia.  Neo provides the kiosks to this initiative.  

The HITnet Health Information System contains content specifically for Indigenous men and women who 'have time' to make positive changes to their physical, emotional and mental health.  There is a series of interactive motivational stories filmed with former inmates, prison workers and health professionals.  


United Kingdom Department of Work & Pensions

The UK DWP has deployed 9,000 Neo kiosks as job search, training and benefits support kiosks throughout the UK.  This initiative has been in operation for over 10 years.  

As part of the initiative, DWP has placed around 150 Neo kiosks in correctional facilities throughout the UK as an aid to breaking the recidivist cycle, providing inmates with access to jobs and training information and support. 

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