May 2013

Kiosks could help Newsagencies to increase profit by $160 million

NeoProducts Kiosks are being used as part of a trial run by HUBBED in newsagencies in NSW and QLD.  As explained in The Australian Financial Review article these kiosks “will allow customers to send parcels, pay bills, order books and offer a host of other services.”


Sending parcels is thought will contribute to the biggest turnover and HUBBED are quoted as saying that “a single newsagent could earn $115 in revenue a day from the device, which would return them a total profit of $106 million.”

The kiosks are aimed at breathing life into the newsagency industry and keeping them competitive within the market.  There is already talk of expanding the use of the kiosk in the future to include “ticket sales, greetings cards, sports betting and movie downloads”.  The kiosks give newsagencies the ability to offer a range of products to their customers which are in demand, but were previously out of reach in such setting. 

For a further look into the solution check out the video below;