Technology News

  • December 2012

    Digital Signage Enclosure for Coles


    NeoProducts have helped Coles and Fujitsu with digital signage solutions. Neo were tasked to protect Fujitsu panels in Coles Deli and Meat departments, specially designed the enclosures provide water ingress protection and durability.  The initial units were installed late last night at Coles Southland, Coles’ latest concept store.

    This is just the beginning of our digital signage offering.  If you need a customised solution for your business contact us today.  Stay tuned for standard options we develop over the coming months.   


  • October 2012

    Acer Tablet Launch


    Is everyone as excited as we are about the Acer tablet launch?


    Acer have announced that the launch of their new 11.6” tablet will coincide with the Windows 8 launch on 26th October. 


    The designers at Neo cannot wait to get their hands on the tablet and finish off the designs for the custom made housing for the new Tablet Kiosk. 


    The reason for so much excitement from Neo comes down to the implications for the Kiosk market.  The Acer has a windows platform which easily integrates with software and peripherals such as printers, barcode scanners, and swipe card readers.  The current windows based Acer Tab of course already has this capability, however with the larger screen size and other upgrades make the new Tablet will be even more user friendly. 


    The full HD 11.6” screen allows for more information to be shown, and with crisp image and video quality using the Kiosk will be an enjoyable experience. 


    The other upgrades include a i5 Intel Core, USB 3.0 and an 8MP camera.  This will create a more reliable, higher spec Tablet Kiosk capable of interfacing with peripherals, and carrying out more than purely informational tasks. 


    From Retail to Commercial use the new Tablet will mean a kiosk which is low cost, easy to use, and with a screen size which will not restrict application or usability. 


    Stay tuned for further updates on this kiosk in coming months. 

  • August 2012

    New Samsung Tablet Means New Kiosk

    The current court case between Samsung and Apple is confirming all kinds of suspicions about upcoming products and specifications. 


    One of the most interesting pieces of news to Neo is the possible launch of a new Samsung Tablet later in the year.  Rumours of a new larger tablet coming out later in 2012 have been around for months.  These rumours appear to be confirmed as The Verge reports that included in the publically released court documents is news that Samsung are working on a new 11.8” tablet, code name “P10”.  The tablet will support a huge 2560 x 1600 resolution display and while release dates where not discussed the documents to refer to the tablet as a 2012 product. 


    Neo is excited to begin designing the tablet kiosk to support the new Samsung tablet as soon as possible.  The larger screen will make for a great small form factor kiosk and will be available in freestanding, wall mount, and desk top configurations.  To view more on the Tablet/ iPad Kiosk click here.

  • April 2012

    Day 2 at the German SUR40 Launch

    Neo’s SUR40 accessory products were on display on day 2 of the Samsung SUR40 launch in Germany, which was hosted at the prestigious BMW centre at Lenbachplatz in Munich.   There were representatives from many industries spanning retail, media, scientific and engineering process control demonstrating the wide ranging applications and exciting future of this technology.



  • April 2012

    Fujifilm Photo Book Surface Table Video

    If you haven’t had the chance to check out the video of the Blade Surface Table for Fujifilm Photo books and SUR40 highlights yet, have a look now!


  • April 2012

    Neo Showcases SUR40 Enclosures at German Launch

    The Samsung SUR40 is being launched around the globe. At the Germany market launch of SUR40 on tuesday, Neo presented it's SUR40 hardware solutions at the conference hosted by the Samsung SUR40 distributor, Tech Data.

    Day 1 was focused on presenting to resellers and partners from a range on industries in the German market. There were a range of innovative software solutions presented and NeoProducts had the opportunity to showcase its exciting range of SUR40 enclosure hardware options.