• October 2012

    Acer Tablet Launch


    Is everyone as excited as we are about the Acer tablet launch?


    Acer have announced that the launch of their new 11.6” tablet will coincide with the Windows 8 launch on 26th October. 


    The designers at Neo cannot wait to get their hands on the tablet and finish off the designs for the custom made housing for the new Tablet Kiosk. 


    The reason for so much excitement from Neo comes down to the implications for the Kiosk market.  The Acer has a windows platform which easily integrates with software and peripherals such as printers, barcode scanners, and swipe card readers.  The current windows based Acer Tab of course already has this capability, however with the larger screen size and other upgrades make the new Tablet will be even more user friendly. 


    The full HD 11.6” screen allows for more information to be shown, and with crisp image and video quality using the Kiosk will be an enjoyable experience. 


    The other upgrades include a i5 Intel Core, USB 3.0 and an 8MP camera.  This will create a more reliable, higher spec Tablet Kiosk capable of interfacing with peripherals, and carrying out more than purely informational tasks. 


    From Retail to Commercial use the new Tablet will mean a kiosk which is low cost, easy to use, and with a screen size which will not restrict application or usability. 


    Stay tuned for further updates on this kiosk in coming months.